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Dynamic Flexibility (No Measure)

*20 reps of each
(this is a dynamic warm-up and everything should be done with quick movements)

Roll Back to Hurdler Stretch
Cross w/ leg swing
Pass Through w/ forward lunge
Around the World (10 left/10 right)


A: Box Squat ((Warm-up 10-8-5-3) 3 x 3, visit web 3 x 2, thumb 3 x 1)

Back squat with a wide stance on a box that is just below parallel and explode straight up with knees driven out

B1: Elevated Kettlebell Deadlift (3 x 20)

*use KB (70/53)

B2: Glute-Ham Raises (3 x 15)

*use weighted vest or plate if you are able


C: 3 Rounds (4/4/14) (Time)

9x Snatch (135/95) Rx+, (105/75) Rx, (95/45) Sc
6x Burpee Bar Muscle-up
3x Deadlift (275/225) Rx+, (255/205) Rx, (225/155) Sc
*scale burpee bar MU with
6x burpee C2B pull-up/ring dips or
6x burpee pull-up/ring dips

After Bash

D1: Barbell Box Step-up (3 x 12)

*go heavy as you can

D2: Knees To Elbow (3 x 15)

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