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Regional’s Here we come!


Regional’s Here we come!


Pic: Blake on OHS in the middle of Open WOD 11.4


First I would like to say thank goodness the open is finally done. Second I would like to say that I am extremely proud of everyone that competed in the open. As of this morning we as a team are sitting 27th in the region and they take the top 30 teams. So hats off to y’all for putting in the hard work to accomplish what many did not. Congrats to following member who will represent CFPB as a team at regionals.  Men: Blake Aulds, Brad Holbrook, Tony Shelly, Justin Stidham Women: Calli Bishop, Tracy Housson, Candace Bishop, Jill Metcalfe. The next few weeks are key for training please stand behind your team and make sure they are doing what is needed to represent our box.


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